3D Models

Carve 3D offers a custom 3D relief modelling service. We can take any image and produce a 3D file from it. This is now done through the Vector Art 3D website. To receive a quotation simply submit your requirements through the online quote service.

We have a unique level of experience working with artistic design software and are happy to quote on any job no matter how hard or complicated it may appear to be. Browse our Work History. to see examples of previous projects.

We also offer 3D Clipart for instant purchase from Vector Art 3D

How do we start?

There are many types of data we can use as a starting point to create a 3D model. Models can be produced from photographs, drawings or computer images in JPEG, BITMAP, TIFF, PDF or almost any other standard computer graphic format. We can even work from faxed images. The ideal starting point and the most cost effective for you is with data from design software. 2D vectors can be supplied as AI, EPS, DWG and DXF. 3D models can be supplied as STL, 3DS or mesh 3D DXF. In additon to that we can work with 3D digitised data such as PIX or even reverse engineer a toolpath.

If this does not mean anything to you, do not worry, contact us and we can explain the procedure and what we will need from you to produce your part.

What do we provide to you?

The 3D model can be provided in any of the following formats depending what software you use:

V3M Models
V3M format models are compatible with Vector Art 3D Machinist©, Cut3D, PartWorks 3D and Aspire.
VA3D Machinist is a special free software package which can be downloaded from the Vector Art 3D website at www.vectorart3d.com. The software allows you to create toolpaths to rough, finish and cut-out the models. In addition output can be loaded into VCarve Pro to add additional decoration and text.

CarveWright PTN Files
PTN files are compatible with the CarveWright Project Designer© Software. The file format can be imported directly into the software to create layouts for the CarveWright Carving System. For more information on the machine, file format and how to use it see the CarveWright home page.

ArtCAM Relief Models
RLF (Relief) files are compatible with all versions of ArtCAM Pro© software from Delcam PLC. The files can be loaded as finished 3D parts or as components in more complex designs. For more information on the software see the ArtCAM home page.

STL Models
STL files are a standard Computer Aided Design format and are compatible with many software packages. EnRoute Pro©, MeshCAM©, DeskProto© and MillWizard© have all been tested and are compatible with our STL models.

If you are not sure about which format would be best for you, then please ask us or check with your software company to see if they support any of these formats.

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